The Deltas

The Deltas are one of the proudest families in the desert and one of the oldest. It is a testament to their scrappy nature that in a world where the crumbling and fracturing of families is common, they still thrive. Though, recently they have fallen on some tough times. Cloud, the long-time dominant female of the group died after a struggle with a blood infection. With some of her last breaths she insisted that despite Swift’s young age, she should be her successor. Bull, the dominant male and Swift’s father, agreed because he trusted Cloud’s judgment. But as time wears on it is quickly becoming apparent that Bull isn’t handling his grief well. What will that mean for the Deltas? (Find out in the upcoming post Swift’s Fear!)

The Deltas share a border with three other families, the Powers, the Brights, and The Alphas. Though they have a reputation for being bullies, they seem to leave the other groups alone. The only family that they have a history of disputes with is the Alphas, which started when they conceded land to the enemy family after one of their’s saved Swift from drowning. The Deltas never quiet got over that blow to their pride and have held a grudge against the Alphas to this day.

To gain insight into the ups and downs of the Deltas family read their stories in the Untold Tales category under the menu.

For character descriptions, maps of the territories, and insight into the world of The Meer, visit any of these pages:

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