Greatwings: Strong and Noble

The greatwings (eagle owls) of Vast have a reputation for being fearless predators, who are one of the meer’s most feared enemies. They have been known to feed on meer and any other small animal that they can wrap their talons around. In general, they completely disregard their fellow firstbloods.

In The way Way Back, greatwings were considered gentle giants. In fact, Star and Greatwing were very close friends. After the oath was broken and both Star and Greatwing died, that friendship between the two species dissolved.

Greatwings, just like the meer, have a hierarchy that they follow. Greatwings don’t live in large family units the same way that meer do, instead their society is much more spread out.

Greatwings believe that when they die they will join the spirits in the High Current, which is a never ending wind that winds through the highest reaches of the sky. Once they join the other greatwing spirits they will follow the current until they find Greatwing himself, whose spirit has been missing since he died during the final battle.

Greatwings also believe, unlike most meer, that their is a force called the Grand Spirit that created everything, including life itself.


(In order of highest rank to lowest rank)

Flight Masters

There are five of these mighty birds that make decisions for the whole greatwing population, such as deciding on rules and codes of conduct. A greatwing can only become a Flight Master by beating a known Flight Master at certain feats called the Flying Test. When this occurs either the beaten Flight Master will willingly step down, or they will hold a vote in which all known Talons would be invited to voice their support for one Flight Master. Whoever revives the least support or votes would then step down.

Spirit Talkers

Spirit Talkers are equivalent to healers in meer society except that their focus is in communicating with their ancestors and the Grand Spirit instead of healing. Their job is to advise the Flight Masters.


Talons are representatives chosen by the Flight Masters to represent a population of Greatwings in a certain geographical area.


Sharps are just normal greatwings whose only duty is to take care of their own nests unless directly called upon by a Flight Master, Spirit Talker, or Talon.


Fledges are young greatwings who are still learning how to fly. This does not mean that they cannot fly at all. Fledges do not become Sharps until they are old enough to fly and hunt for themselves.

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