Rainbirds: Agile and Quick

Rainbirds (goshawks) are deadly raptors known for their speed and agility. They will seek out any animal smaller then them as a prey source, including meer. During The Way Way Back rainbirds were always thought of as mysterious but after Storm died in the final battle they ceased all communication with the other firstbloods. They cordoned themselves off and formed one of the most organized and strict societies of birdkind. They refer to it as The Order.

They also believe that they will soar the High Current when they die, but unlike the greatwings they will not be looking for anything or anyone. They believe that they will join Storm on her never ending flight and spend the afterlife in a state of joy and bliss. Their wings will never tire and the wind will never let up.


(In order of highest rank to lowest rank)

The Judge

The Judge is the exalted leader of the rainbirds. He/she is the ultimate decision maker within The Order. It is believed that after Storm’s death her mate created the title and took it as his own. A Judge cannot retire for they swear an oath to serve for life upon ascension.

The Regent

The Regent is second in command of The Order and also the next in line to be The Judge. Only The Judge can chose The Regent. In order to maintain stability there are two rules to ascension. The first is that The Regent must be initiated by The Seer by high moon the day after The Judge’s death. The second is that all three Captains must approve of The Regent before he/she can accept the position of Judge.

The Captains

There are three Captains that serve as The Judge’s most trusted advisors and guards. They are in charge of the more mundane tasks, such as organizing the Scouts and making sure that The Judge and The Regent are safe and comfortable. Though a rainbird of any position can be appointed to Regent if The Judge so chooses, it is expected to be a Captain when the time comes for a Regent to be replaced.

The Seer

The Seer is equivalent to a meer family’s healer, he/she is in charge of interpreting signs from the ancestors and promoting wellness with their knowledge of herbs. The Seer is not treated with as much prestige as among the other firstbloods but they are considered to be sacred to The Judge and under his/her protection.

The Scouts

Scouts are average adult rainbirds whose duties include hunting, raising chicks, patrolling, and guarding The Judge, The Regent, The Captains, and The Seer.  Unlike in greatwing society rainbirds are not able choose when/if they participate in the politics of their species. Rainbirds are expected to serve The Judge from birth and are taught that that is their sole purpose. Though it might sound harsh most rainbirds enjoy serving The Judge, considering that one of The Judge’s most important duties is to keep his/her subjects happy and secure.

The Fledges

Fledges are rainbird chicks that have just learned how to fly and are training with the Scouts to learn how to hunt and fight.

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