The Wanderer

The Wanderer is a legend that has persisted throughout meer history. Most believe it to be a myth told to entertain pups, few still believe that The Wanderer exists. Every meer can agree on one thing though, that The Wanderer did exist during The Way Way Back. The first Wanderer was a male named Galaxy, he was Nova’s older brother and the eldest pup of Star’s. Galaxy was a renowned healer in First Family, his knowledge of herbs and remedies were unmatched. Dapple even trained as his understudy, at least until he left. 

Galaxy never felt comfortable in a large crowd. He always felt the pressure of caring for his whole family. He also felt a draw towards something else, a pull, but he never knew why. Then his sister Comet visited him in a dream and told him that there was a place where meer could go to communicate with the dead. She told him that it was known as The Cave of Records because the Deserts history had been inscribed by an ancient deity on the cave walls. She said that if he could harness its abilities then any meer could communicate with The Before Us, not just healers. Galaxy realized that the pull he had always felt was his destiny leading him to find this place.

So Galaxy made the tough decision to leave First Family in favor of a life lived alone, trying to find The Cave of Records. He traveled for many seasons and soon the other meer families that came into contact with him gave him the nickname ‘The Wanderer’. No one knows for sure whether he found The Cave of Records, only that he died before he could share his discoveries with the rest of his kind. Since then most meer have treated the legend of The Wanderer as just a fantasy. But the prophecy still exists that one meer from every generation will feel the draw of a life outside of a family…..

So, maybe that’s all about to change?

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  1. You are creating a good site for fans to know your characters.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ellaura S. says:

      I’m glad you think so. I am hoping to give my readers a little insight into the world of The Meer before they read the book 😁


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