Survival Tails: The Titanic

Title: The Titanic

Author: Katrina Charman

Publication: 2018

This is an unforgettable adventure that you don’t want to miss! This great novel by Katrina Charman tells the story of loyal Mutt the dog who refuses to let his love for his human owner go and a fierce cat Clara who is determined to protect the stray litter of kittens that she discovers aboard the Titanic. Clara is the captain’s cat and she takes her job of sniffing out stowaways very seriously. Mutt just happens to be a stowaway. He is forced to sneak onto the ship when he realizes that his girl, Alice, is getting onboard without him. When the unthinkable happens and the ship begins to sink Clara and Mutt will have to work together to save themselves and the ones they love. Heartwarming and full of action this relatively short novel (145 pages) is worth the read. Perfect for children and adults looking for a fun and entertaining read about man’s most valued furry friends.

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