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You might be wondering what’s going on with me, where am I in the writing process, where am I am in the publishing process, when will The Blood of The Desert be available for purchase? Well you’ve come to the right place for answers! Here you will find all the news and updates about The Meer series that you need.

To learn even more about me and my book you can look at the news release that my college recently published regarding my book:

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The Meer

Book One:

The Blood of The Desert


Sand is a member of one of the greatest families that live in the desert, the Alphas. His mother and father, Queen and Pride, rule their corner of the desert. Mainly the family lives in peace, but darkness is lurking just above the surface……

One night Sand returns to the burrow to find that his family has been split in half. No one knows where the other part of the family is and its up to the nine little meerkats left to survive the harsh life that the Desert provides them. Through the hardships they endure until one day the unthinkable happens and Sand is forced to embark on a journey fraught with danger to save the meer who means the most to him, his brother and guardian, Hawk. But will Sand survive the quest to save him? And if he returns will Hawk still be clinging on, or will all be lost?




Actively seeking an agent in order to be published


To land a publishing contract with Disney Hyperion or HarperCollins

What am I doing to achieve this goal?

I will be attending the a Writing Workshop where I will pitch my book to two agents. Wish me luck and I’ll let you know how it goes! 😉


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