My Sources

I have gotten most of my information about how to write a novel from two places 1) my own experience and 2) research. I have read many books on the subject and many web articles. Most of those books and articles can be found by clicking on one or many of the links below.

All of the pictures and images that I use, I have either taken myself or I got from websites that have free for commercial use images such as:

All the information that I have gathered on meerkats is from documentaries such as Animal Planet’s “Meerkat Manor” and the Wild Things YouTube channel series called “Kalahari Meerkats”. I have also read many articles on the subject, but there have been so many of them that I couldn’t even begin to remember or list them all.

I use Inkarnate to make the maps:

I used MTG Cardmaker to create the information cards on each character:

I used LunaPic to edit some of the pictures that I got from Pixabay:

I hope that’s helpful to you! And if you have any specific questions about my sources ask me in the comments section.