The Meer of Vast


Star~ the first meer to live in the Desert. The founder of the meer families. (Meerkat)

Greatwing~ the first greatwing to live in the Desert. (Eagle owl)

Listener~ the first black fox to live in the Desert. (Bat eared fox)

Storm~ the first rainbird to live in the Desert. (Goshawk)

Claw~ the first clawbeast to live in the Desert. (African wildcat)

Death Bringer~ the first cobra to live in the Desert.

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From The Way Way Back


Nova~ Female with umber eyes; became the dominant female after Star’s death

Galaxy~ Male with dark brown eyes; became the first Wanderer

Comet~ Female with umber eyes; died young as Bringer’s first victim

Patch~ Male with light cedar eyes; was Comet’s understudy

Dapple~ Male with small umber eyes; Patch’s littermate


Chaser~ male with pale green eyes


Mistress~ Large female with amber eyes; an ally to Bringer

Modern Meer


Queen~ large female, brown eyes, dominant

Pride~ large male, dark brown fur covering tail, green eyes, Queen’s dominant partner

Noble~ biggest male in Alphas family, brown eyes, has a black scar along one side of his face

Grace~ small female, green eyes

Poppy~ female, blue eyes

Mist~ female, blue eyes

Ruff~ large male, orange eyes

Stripe~ skinny male, brown eyes

Daisy~ large female, blue eyes

Sorrel~ female, green eyes

Crow~ skinny male, patch of black fur in the shape of a birds wing on flank, amber eyes

Wildcat~ male, thin black stripe runs up the back of neck up between ears stopping just above the bridge of nose, green eyes

Shimmer~ jittery female, amber eyes

Weed~ small male, brown eyes

Hawk~ large male, orange eyes

Scarlet~ female, orange eyes

Violet~ female yearling, twin black stripes at base of tail, brown eyes

Tumble~ male yearling,twin black stripes at base of tail,  brown eyes

Spot~ female yearling, round patch of black fur above flank, green eyes

Brightlight~ small female half-grown, amber eyes


Bull~large male, covered in scars, brown eyes, dominant

Swift~ female, blue eyes, Bull’s dominant partner

Sun~ large male, amber eyes


Suri~ female, amber eyes, dominant 

Oneeye~ large male, orange eye, Suri’s dominant partner

Flower~ female, amber eyes

Valiant~ large male, has a small scar by ear, blue eyes

Ghost~ male, blue eyes


Lily~ silver eyes, dominant female

Snake~ male, green eyes, dominant male

Wind~ young female, amber eyes; Snake and Lily’s daughter


Glade~ former dominant female; deceased

Victory~ Glade’s daughter; dominant female

Dark~ male with dark brown eyes and a black patch of fur on one flank

King~ blind male; a former mate of Victory’s

Lightning~ young male; King’s son


Shine~ former dominant female; Noble, Grace, and Pride’s mother

Petal~ large female, amber eyes

Golden~ evicted female; Mist’s mother

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