The Meer



Star~ the first meer to live in the Desert. The founder of the meer families. (Meerkat)

Greatwing~ the first greatwing to live in the Desert. (Eagle owl)

Listener~ the first black fox to live in the Desert. (Bat eared fox)

Storm~ the first rainbird to live in the Desert. (Goshawk)

Claw~ the first clawbeast to live in the Desert. (African wildcat)

Death Bringer~ the first cobra to live in the Desert.

(see cards below for more information)

From The Way Way Back


Gnash~ Male with dark eyes; leader of The Gang

Ripple~ Female with pale eyes; friend of Star’s

Wing~ Female with umber eyes: Star’s mate

Thorn~ Male with brown eyes; part of Gnash’s elite circle


Nova~ Female with umber eyes; became the dominant female after Star’s death

Galaxy~ Male with dark brown eyes; became the first Wanderer

Comet~ Female with umber eyes; died young as Bringer’s first victim

Patch~ Male with light cedar eyes; was Comet’s understudy

Dapple~ Male with small umber eyes; Patch’s littermate


Chaser~ male with pale green eyes


Mistress~ Large female with amber eyes; an ally to Bringer

Modern Meer

The Alphas were founded by the current dominant female, Queen, when she was evicted from her birth family. Queen started the Alphas with only a few supporters, including Noble and his sister Grace, while she was heavily pregnant. It wasn’t until right before she had her first litter that the pups’ father and current dominant male, Pride, left his family to start his own with Queen. Since that time, Queen has had many litters of pups with Pride and the numbers of the Alphas grew. They live in the heart of the Sunlands, with neighbors on each of their borders.

Queen~ brown eyes, dominant female

Pride~ large, dark brown fur covering tail, green eyes, dominant male

Noble~ biggest male in Alphas family, brown eyes, has a black scar along one side of his face, Pride’s brother

Grace~ small female, green eyes, Pride’s littersister

Poppy~ female, blue eyes


Ruff~ large male, brown eyes

Stripe~ skinny male, brown eyes

Daisy~ large female, blue eyes

Sorrel~ female, green eyes

Hawk~ large male, orange eyes

Scarlet~ female, orange eyes

Violet female yearling, twin black stripes at base of tail, brown eyes

Tumble~ male yearling, twin black stripes at base of tail, brown eyes

Spot~ female yearling, round patch of black fur above flank, green eyes

Brightlight~ small female, half-grown, amber eyes


Mist~ female, blue eyes


Crow~ skinny male, patch of black fur in the shape of a bird’s wing on flank, amber eyes

Wildcat~ male, thick black stripe runs up the back of neck between ears stopping just above the bridge of nose, green eyes

Shimmer~ jittery female, amber eyes

Weed~ small male, brown eyes

The Deltas are one of the proudest families in the desert and one of the oldest. It is a testament to their scrappy nature that in a world where the crumbling and fracturing of families is common, they still thrive. Though, recently they have fallen on some tough times. Cloud, the long-time dominant female of the group died after a struggle with a blood infection. With some of her last breaths she insisted that despite Swift’s young age, she should be her successor. The Deltas share a border with three other families, the Powers, the Brights, and The Alphas. Though they have a reputation for being bullies, they seem to leave the other groups alone.

Bull~large male, covered in scars, brown eyes, dominant

Swift~ female, blue eyes, Bull’s dominant partner

Sun~ large male, amber eyes

The Bright’s are one of the youngest families in the desert, created soon after Lily took over the Powers. Since then, the Brights have kept to themselves. They avoid conflicts with other families and only claim as much territory as their small group needs. Unlike other families, they are very accommodating to outsiders.

Suri~ female, amber eyes, dominant 

OneEye~ large male, orange eye, Suri’s dominant partner

Flower~ female, amber eyes

Valiant~ large male, has a small scar by ear, blue eyes

Ghost~ male, blue eyes

The Powers are one of the largest families in the Desert. They are also one of the harshest, at least that’s what their reputation states. And that’s how they like it, but really, they are just like the other meer families. They were founded season upon season ago and uphold many traditions that are unique to their family. To eliminate violence over dominant positions the leaders of the family began arranged mating. They choose who their strongest pup would take as a mate and then retired from their positions, leaving their pup to rule the family.

Lily~ silver eyes, dominant female

Snake~ male, green eyes, dominant male

Wind~ young female, amber eyes; Snake and Lily’s daughter

The Zeros are one of the largest families to exist since the time of First Family. They are known for being tyrants who aren’t afraid of a good fight. They hold on to their territory in the Darklands by being strong and nasty. Their dominant female Slate has only bolstered this reputation for her family since she took the mantle of leadership by force.

Blister~ green eyes, black spot of fur on one shoulder, former dominant female

Growl~ blue eyes, jagged scar splitting his lip, dominant male

Vine~ female, amber eyes

Chill~ large male, brown eyes

Dig~ male, blue eyes

Lizard~ male, brown eyes

Misery~ large male, orange eyes

King~ male, blue eyes


Glint~ large male, green eyes

Glade~ female, amber eyes

Golden~ female, black patch of fur on one side, amber eyes

Glory~ male, green eyes

            VINE’S BLOODLINE

Slate~ female, strip of black fur on flank, dark brown eyes, dominant female

Oasis~ male, orange eyes

The Scavengers earned their name by taking over territory that was once occupied by other meer families. How they procured so much of the Darklands is unknown and this secretive bunch isn’t admitting to anything. Their dominant female Shine protects her family, and their secrets, viciously and with the former Blazes male Fiery by her side she won’t be giving anything up without a fight.

Shine~ dominant female, amber eyes, Noble, Grace, and Pride’s mother

Fiery~ dominant male, brown eyes

Feather~ female, green eyes

Rabbit~ large male, brown eyes, splotch of black fur in the shape of a Rabbit’s ear on one shoulder, Shine’s former mate


Petal~ large female, amber eyes

A small meerkat family the Blazes make their home on the outskirts of the Darklands. Led by their previous dominant female Ash and their current dominant female Core, and dominant male Hero they manage to eke out a living despite their dwindling numbers. They have survived run-ins with larger families, territory disputes, internal drama, and attacks by predators. Through it all this little gang has stuck by each other.

Ash~ brown eyes, black patch of fur on shoulder, former dominant female

Hero~ amber eyes, very dark stripes, dominant male

Seed~ large male, brown eyes

Core~ female, green eyes, dominant female

Grain~ female, blue eyes, Ash’s mother

Teal~ female, brown eyes


Blossom~ small female, orange eyes

Blink~ small male, amber eyes

Smokey~ male, pale blue eyes

Windy~ female, orange eyes

The Wanderer~ male meer, hunched with age, brown eyes

Strongwing~ large male greatwing, one white feather beside each of his eyes near the bridge of his beak, green eyes

Clearfeather~ female greatwing, claims to have the Insight, exceptionally light amber eyes

Wish Castor of Claw~ scrawny male clawbeast, grayish fur with brown stripes and markings, one green eye and one blue eye

Fisk Pounceswift ~ bat eared fox of the Longgrass Holm, younger son of Queen Rossa Whitegrowl and former prince consort Pointed Edge

Want more information? Check out these nifty cards:


Giants: elephants

Titans: rhinoceros

Gods: giraffes

Understudy: a young meer of approximately three moons of age who is training with an adult meer

High Sun: midday

High Moon: midnight

Half-grown: meer that is between the ages of one season  (six moons) and one year

Yearling: meer that is one year or two seasons old; are officially adults but very inexperienced

Unnatural: anything human made 

Night Blossoms: healing flowers

The Way Way Back: ancient history of the meer; the ages from the beginning of time

The Before Us: the name given to dead meer who have passed on

The Starlands: where good meer go when they die

The Catacombs: where bad meer go when they die

The Firstbloods: the first animals to inhabit the desert according to meer lore; meer (meerkats), cobras, greatwings (eagle owls), clawbeasts (wild cats), stormbirds (goshawks), and black foxes (bat eared foxes)

The High Current: Where Greatwings fly when their souls depart

Eviction: usually only happens to female meer; when a dominant feels one is  a threat to their family/pups that meer will be forcibly cast out of the group

Roamer/Rover: male who purposefully leaves group looking for a mate, normally returns to original group

Way: referring to whichever path a meer choses to follow; that is their ‘Way’

Clans: There are six clans of cats (though Claw is thought to be extinct) that trace their lineage by their name; Claw, Tail, Tooth, Jaw, Pelt, and Gaze

Cave of Records or NoEnd: an ancient moving cave that is the only known way for a live meer to cross into the Starlands, also where Night Blossoms grow

Vast: the known world; consisting of The Desert, The Outlands, The Savannah, The Forest, The Mountains, and The Shores

Dwellers: small creatures that live in the ground; i.e. burrows

Furless/Deities: humans


Alarm = rr-up = danger

Lead = mrru = follow

Distress = muu = help

Pain = imm = hurts

Close = muu = stay near

Spit/Threat = chu-rp = leave or else


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