The Meer Territory & Terminology


Giants: elephants

Titans: rhinoceros

Gods: giraffes

Understudy: a young meer of approximately three moons of age who is training with an adult meer

High Sun: midday

High Moon: midnight

Half-grown: meer that is between the ages of one season  (six moons) and one year

Yearling: meer that is one year or two seasons old; are officially adults but very inexperienced

Unnatural: anything human made 

Night Blossoms: healing flowers

The Way Way Back: ancient history of the meer; the ages from the beginning of time

The Before Us: the name given to dead meer who have passed on

The Starlands: where good meer go when they die

The Catacombs: where bad meer go when they die

The Firstbloods: the first animals to inhabit the desert according to meer lore; meer (meerkats), cobras, greatwings (eagle owls), clawbeasts (wild cats), stormbirds (goshawks), and black foxes (bat eared foxes)

The Insight: prophetic visions often involving close contact with one’s ancestors

The Grand Spirit, Sky Mother, Vast Father, The Poisoner: benevolent creator spirit

The Great Hunters: most powerful predators in Vast; lions, leopards, hyenas, wild dogs, cheetahs

The King Beasts: most powerful creatures in Vast; elephants, rhinos, hippos, giraffes, lions, and hyenas

The High Current: Where Greatwings fly when their souls depart

Eviction: usually only happens to female meer; when a dominant feels one is  a threat to their family/pups that meer will be forcibly cast out of the group

Roamer/Rover: male who purposefully leaves group looking for a mate, normally returns to original group

The Path of The Sun: meer whose main goal or skill is to perform duties such as acting as sentry, fighting for the family, foraging, and helping the dominants raise pups

The Path of The Moon: meer whose main goal or skill is to acquire knowledge of healing and communicate with The Before Us

Way: referring to whichever path a meer choses to follow; that is their ‘Way’

Clans: There are six clans of cats (though Claw is thought to be extinct) that trace their lineage by their name; Claw, Tail, Tooth, Jaw, Pelt, and Gaze

Cave of Records or NoEnd: an ancient moving cave that is the only known way for a live meer to cross into the Starlands, also where Night Blossoms grow

Vast: the known world; consisting of The Desert, The Outlands, The Savannah, The Forest, The Mountains, and The Shores

Dwellers: small creatures that live in the ground; i.e. burrows

Furless/Deities: humans


Alarm = rr-up = danger

Lead = mrru = follow

Distress = muu = help

Pain = imm = hurts

Close = muu = stay near

Spit/Threat = chu-rp = leave or else