Who Am I?

My name is Ellaura and I live in a small town in Pennsylvania where the winters are rough and the summers are tolerable, depending on what books I have at my disposal. I am a college student and just this past year decided to start writing my own animal fantasy novel for middle graders and young adults, really for all fantasy lovers alike. I started this site to encourage young authors like myself to seek advice while they are writing and to share my own original works. You’ll learn more about me through my posts. If you wish to contact me go to the ‘Contact’ page under the menu and enter in your information, or feel free to leave a comment on one of my posts and I’ll try to respond in a timely manor.

The series I am writing entitled ‘The Meer’ chronicles the ups and downs of a family of meerkats as they navigate family struggles and external challenges. The main themes are the value of family and friends. This series will appeal to fans of Erin Hunter’s Warriors and Tad William’s Tailchaser’s Song. For more information visit ‘The Meer of Vast’ page or ‘The Meer Territory & Terminology’ page:



I told my academic adviser that I wrote a book and he contacted the publicity adviser at my college who then wrote a news release on me. I owe both those men a huge thank you because that’s wonderful publicity for me!

Here you will find the links to all the videos that have to do with The Meer book series or this website.

To learn what The Meer series is about and how it relates to your life.
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To learn more about meerkats watch this video, or go to the ‘Meerkats’ page.
For a recap on my first writing advice post (which can be found under the category ‘The Beginning’ listed under the menu) about premises watch this video.
Enter the world of The Meer! For more information on meer, how they think and what they believe, watch this video.
For a sneak peek of the One Shots to come……
Want to learn more about conflict? Watch this video to find out how “The Lion King” can be used to learn about conflict.